We have decided to sell the digital membership NFT of HANEUMA MEMBERSHIP “HANEUMA” on Buynet (beta version) sequentially from mid-May.

HANEUMA provides a car share NFT digital membership sales service specializing only in Ferrari Spyder (open roof type).

This is a semi-permanent membership that allows you to use the Ferrari Spyder without any annual fee. In addition, we are prepared to make these memberships available in major cities around the world.

HENEUMA is also planning to support Non-Fungible Token (NFT) by partnering with companies that provide luxury car sharing services. However, the decision to collaborate with Buynet is expected to allow these NFTs to transact business with Buynet’s “NFT Marketplace”.

As we are still recruiting 『companies to participate in the NFT』, we believe that we can expect further expansion of cooperation in the future.

Digital membership with free use of Ferrari

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