All products sold on Buynet are made to the specifications of the ERC721 program, a digital token based on the blockchain Ethereum.

This is commonly referred to as a non-substitutable token, a unique token, or a non-fungible token. (Hereafter referred to as NFT).

NFT can be viewed in the Ethereum browser at any time, and their ownership history, trading history, and dividend distribution history are fairly public.

NFT is very similar to a certificate of registered seal for digital asset rights.

However, the seal certificate is a certificate managed by personnel, while the NFT is managed on the blockchain, so it can be said to be a true certificate of rights with no absolute fraud or tampering copies.

Buynet is an NFT marketplace that focuses on digital assets such as membership rights, revenue rights, intangible asset rights, their compartmentalized ownership rights, and compartmentalized ownership rights of tangible assets, such as content built on Ethereum’s ERC721.

At Buynet, you can buy and sell these NFT products to anyone in the world.

In addition, Buynet offers a large number of special products, and there are high expectations for the birth of a new type of NFT marketplace that is unique in the world.

Buynet is also a decentralized marketplace, and transactions on Buynet are done through smart contracts and are linked to MetaMask, a browser extension for Chrome.

Buynet allows you to buy and sell digital assets such as membership rights, revenue rights, intangible asset rights, segmented ownership rights, segmented ownership rights of tangible assets, and all other digital rights built on Ethereum (ERC721) on the Buynet platform.

Anyone who owns the rights can support digitization (NFT construction) with a simple procedure, and can freely choose the method of sale from general sale to auction-style on the Buynet platform.


■ NFT recommends selling your assets to the following kind of people

〇Attract a steady stream of members.

〇Raise funds by rightsizing an existing membership program.

〇Raise funds through NFT as a digital asset for the rights of new businesses, etc.

〇Sell current business and its assets as NFT with separate rights.

〇Sell management rights to NFTs instead of shares in a business or corporate organization.

〇Sell tangible and intangible assets with value to NFT.

〇Anything else can be exhibited as NFT depending on your ideas.

We will support you to digitize (NFT) your valuable rights, and take you through the simple process of selling your first NFT product on Buynet without any hustle.


■ What happens after purchasing NFT?

After purchasing NFTs, you can resell them on the Buynet platform. In the future, you will be able to sell your NFTs on other NFT marketplaces.

You can also earn monthly ETH dividends on some products.

It is also a good idea to hold it as an investment with the expectation of a long-term price increase.

For more information on how to handle and operate the service, please check out our YouTube channel, fan blog (unofficial), etc.

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We have several products that can be purchased without ETH.

Payment methods are listed on the product description page.

■Payment Methods
Bank Transfer (Japan Only)
Credit Card

We are planning to expand the service area to major cities around the world upon request.

Can be available in your area!

Please take a look at HANEUMA official page for further information.

Please contact support@buynet.io