Dream collaborations with celebrities!“THE MENU”, the gourmet collaboration menu project in collaboration with a celebrity is launched!Vol.1 menu and revenue rights in collaboration with model and actress Tomomi Ooe.

On June 3, Sunshare Ltd. (based in Minato-Ku, Tokyo, CEO Mitsuru Watanabe) launched “THE MENU”, a new service allowing you to connect closely with a celebrity.It is a new item created as a digital asset converted into a right. It allows you to collaborate with a celebrity who loves cooking to create and commercialize a project (from the creation of the menu to the launching of the project) through NFT.The right holder will receive a monthly fee from the commercialized menu in Ethereum. The celebrity will perceive a commission every time the owner changes, allowing to form a capital of their own. The gain will be mutual on both sides.
Vol.1 offers a collaboration with Miss Tomomi Ooe, a well-known model-actress, former member of the group AKB48. The object of the sale is the rights to a joint menu development and earnings income.

「THE MENU」 https://buynet.io/artist/themenu/
Recipes by Tomomi Ooe, co-creation of a menu and earnings income rights https://buynet.io/product/7526/

You will perceive a permanent income in Ethereum from the commercialized menu.

NFT (Non-fungible Token) are digital tokens issued on a blockchain, impossible to replace, endowed with a certificate impossible to counterfeit and an ownership certificate. Its market is expanding worldwide. In a word, you can compare it to a certificate of authenticity creators enclose to their piece of art. The market is expanding rapidly worldwide around creative fields like arts.Now that Japanese food is in vogue overseas, the timing is perfect for a menu with a strong branding power due to its collaboration with a celebrity. Being marketed worldwide, it is expected to generate greater incomes than ever before. The absence of running cost makes it even more efficient to acquire Ethereum. You can sell it on any marketplace in the world at a higher price than the price you acquired it.

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