Limited edition available to only ten people! The NFT digital membership allows to use Ferrari semi-permanently. On sale from 30,000 yens. “Buynet”, the marketplace specializing in NFT digital membership, starts BETA version services.

Various synergisms are expected by allowing everybody to sell freely privileges or ownerships.

June 2, 2021, Sunshare Ltd. (Based in Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO, Mitsuru Watanabe) started the BETA version of the NFT marketplace Buynet services, focusing on existing income rights and ownership of intangible assets, difficult to sell per sections. The first step is the sequential sale the NFT digital membership of Ferrari Spider, starting at 30,000 yens. This membership allows you to use the Ferrari Spider semi-permanently, free of charge, in all the biggest cities in the world. More and more companies are invited to participate to NFT dealings.

Closer to you and easier to understand !” The true value of the NFT marketplace “Buynet”.

NFT (Non-fungible Token) are digital tokens issued on a blockchain, impossible to replace, endowed with a certificate impossible to counterfeit and an ownership certificate. Its market is expanding worldwide. The subjects are as varied as games, art collections, professional sport players trading cards, plots of land on a virtual space or digital sneakers. They are truly digital assets tangible or intangible. Our vision is that in the coming new era, the value of this intangible asset will become a true value. To share our conviction with you, we started providing the services of the Buynet NFT marketplace to help you understand it and feel it closer to you.

■Vol.1 the sale of the “NFT digital membership of Ferrari 458 Spider “, limited to  only ten people.The car sharing digital membership of the Ferrari Spider (roof-open type) is a more advanced membership system provided by “HANEUMA”( collaboration with luxurious car sharing service providers, allowing to drive free of charge permanently, a brilliant idea suited for the next generation membership system. Digital memberships can be put on sale, even if the service is already on course, to the convenience of its owner. We promise the best service and hospitability.

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