【Patent Pending】“My stock”, the NFT digital membership that helps you spread info through influencers on social media, free of charge semi-permanently, is now available from 5,000 yens! Buynet for NFT digital membership.

A new era has come! From now on, everybody and anybody who is somebody can right out their value and provide it to the world. Yes social media diffusion can be handled like the stock market!

On September 14, NFT marketplace “Buynet” will launch “My stock”, a digital membership that combines the concept of free SNS diffusion with stock market. The company has applied for patent (Application 2021-130399).

Up until now, rights based on “SNS diffusion” were complicated to sell. Buynet has solved this problem.From now on, numbers of influencers will be able to sell parts of their influence for the special price of 5,000 yens and up. This membership, which allows you to diffuse information (about your products) on social media free of charge, is an unprecedented service that will revolutionize the world. The company will invite more and more influencers and companies everywhere in the world to join us expand the circle of this wonderful service.

More closely, more freely and more easily!  BUYNET FOR NFT TRADING!

NFT(Non-fungible Token) are digital tokens issued on a blockchain, impossible to replace, endowed with a certificate impossible to counterfeit and an ownership certificate. Its market is expanding worldwide. We, at Buynet, think that intangible assets are assets, nevertheless. In order to allow you to know us better and to use our products more closely, more freely and more easily, we have launched a new purchase-and-sale support service.Selling or buying seems complicated to you? Don’t worry! With our support, you will complete your transactions in about thirty seconds!

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