Now it's possible to connect closely with the celebrities of your dreams!

THE MENU is proven to be a truthful right and is an asset because it is built with a digital proof token NFT.

The issuer, the celebrity, will be able to raise funds, and the purchaser will be able to have unexpected experiences.

The celebrity will receive an EXCHANGE commission for each ownership change, making the system highly beneficial to both parties.

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This is a project to develop a menu together with a celebrity, from the selection of the menu to the start of sales, with the rights to the product granted by NFT.

This project is a dream come true for fans, as they can feel the real faces, smiles, and passion of the celebrities they admire right next to them, which they cannot imagine in their daily lives.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the menu will be paid to the rights holder, making this a project that fans will not want to miss.

Dream collaboration with the celebrity of your dreams

Schedule from product purchase to sale

After adjusting the schedule for the Zoom meeting with the celebrity of your dreams, the celebrity will thank you for your bid and talk about the future for about 15 minutes.

The celebrity will request a dish that can be cooked, and once the dish is decided, we will start preparing the actual prototype of the dish.

The purchaser, the celebrity, and a professional chef will participate in making the prototype to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Once the prototype is complete, we will take pictures of the dish and commemorative photos.

After that, we will start inviting restaurants and delivery services to sell the food.

You will have a great chance to be featured on Instagram, other SNS, and in the media with the celebrity!


It is not always possible to determine the restaurant or delivery service store where the product will be sold. Please be aware that we cannot take any responsibility in the case of that.

Merchandised menus are permanently rewarded with Ethereum.

In addition to the menu planning and development, the rights holder will be paid a portion of the sales of the commercialized menu every month via Ethereum. If the menu is sold all over the world, a considerable amount of revenue can be expected.

With the recent boom in Japanese food in other countries, the brand power of celebrities and the Japanese food boom has the potential to ignite a fire. Since there are no running costs after the rights are purchased, Ethereum can be earned more efficiently than Ethereum mining!


There is no guarantee that you will be able to find a restaurant or delivery service store to sell your product. Please be aware that there will be no Ethereum reward in this case.

As an asset that can be sold secondarily at any time.

These rights can be freely sold at any time in the global NFT marketplace. You can reach out to users all over the world.

In addition, these rights have considerable value as a digital rights asset because they are built on NFT and provide semi-permanent compensation rights.

With the proliferation of the NFT market, you have the opportunity to sell at a higher price than the purchase price!