|Keiko Mochizuki|My Stock-141

|Keiko Mochizuki|My Stock-141

Hello everyone, my name is Keiko Mochizuki.
In this project, I (Keiko Mochizuki) will be issuing fan club memberships limited to 1000 people through NFT. This fan club will be a great opportunity for me to use my talents, knowledge, experience, connections, community, and social networking skills to help members with their business. I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with you, and to share my thoughts on your products and services. The categories I’m good at are 「Beauty」「Fashion」「Gourmet」「Raising children」 , etc. I’m looking forward to your participation.

【SALES POINTS】【Available in five languages ( English, Mandarin, Korean, Thai)】

Thanks to NFT Membership , your product will be promoted free of charge, semi-permanently!
NFT Membership is SNS diffusion converted into a value asset. As the influencers’ “like” increase, your product’s value will increase, too, and a resale will be possible

Media available for posting


Payment methods are
ETH, USD(ERC20), BTC, MATIC or credit cards.