Every day, we spend our lives clinging to rules that have not evolved with the times. The common sense and rules that have not changed since the end of the Edo period are considered to be the culture of Japan.

However, our team believes that the value of intangible assets is the true value in this new era.

We can conclude that the widespread use of the digital proof tokens, NFT (non-fungible tokens),is the symbol of the new era.

We also recognize all familiar objects of value as “rights” and “assets”.

The easier it is to understand the “rights,” the more people will be convinced to hold them as assets.

We believe so.

As an NFT marketplace to make NFT more accessible and easier to understand, we’ll create a place for people to learn more about NFT and let as many people as possible know that NFT can be used in various ways.

We believe that this is the mission of Buynet to “make NFT easier to understand.”

The market for NFT (Non-Fungible Token), digital proof token called non-substitutable tokens that utilize blockchain, is rapidly expanding.Especially in the areas of art, music, and illustrations. We focus on existing revenue rights and ownership rights of intangible assets, which have been difficult to sell separately, rather than art and game contents, and provide specialized services.


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