On June 20, 2021, “Sunshare Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter, this is called “Sunshare”) entered into a business alliance agreement with tomomopippi, the personal office of Ms. Tomomi Oe, a former AKB48 (1st term member) who is currently active as a model and actress.
 In the future, Sunshare will start offering “THE MENU”, and through Buynet, we will promote the creation of an environment where celebrities, artists and creators from around the world can easily sell, produce and transmit their menu rights.

The first one is a menu co-developed by model/actress Ms. Tomomi Oe & sales income rights.

“THE MENU”, a new service that enables celebrities to connect with their fans and others in an intimate way, will go on sale at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 3, 2021. ”THE MENU is a newly developed digital asset that rights the project from the planning and development of the menu to the start of sales with celebrities who love to cook, using NFT (Non-Fungible Token). The purchaser will be paid a portion of the sales related to the commercialized menu every month in Ethereum, apart from the menu development. In addition, each time a celebrity who are copyright holders raises funds and changes ownership of their rights, a fee is paid to the copyright holder as a transfer fee, making the system highly beneficial to both parties. As a first step, we will be co-developing a menu with Ms. Tomomi Oe, a former AKB48 (1st term member) who is currently active as a model / actress, and selling her sales income rights.

Merchandised menus can be rewarded with Ethereum in permanently.

With the recent boom in Japanese food in other countries, we can expect to make a lot of money by selling celebrity-branded menus around the world. In addition, since there are no running costs after the rights are purchased, Ethereum can be acquired efficiently. Moreover, this right can be sold freely at any time in the worldwide NFT marketplace, and can be sold at a higher price than the purchase price due to the spread of the NFT market.

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