Influencers will advertise your product(s) free of charge, semi-permanently!

With NFT Digital Membership SNS diffusions are ranked as “tangible assets” and converted into the concept of stock market.

The more the influencer’s followers and “likes” increase, the more your product will gain popularity, and the NFT membership’s asset value will increase. NFT digital membership is a unique asset, and a second launch is possible. After purchase, SNS posts will be free of charge semi-permanently, without monthly or yearly membership fees, nor usage fees.


Our registered influencers hold great potentials of a great popularity growth, and therefore of soaring prices.

※Please note that the rise of prices is not guaranteed.

It can be said this is the digital asset which true value will be maintained thanks to the concept of “conversion of SNS diffusion into stock market”.

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The number of influencers and NFT handling partners will grow worldwide, expanding the alignment even more.

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