This is the world’s first marketplace where you can purchase “NFT” with separate ownership of content revenue and rights.

Sunshare Co., Ltd. plans to launch the NFT marketplace 『Buynet』 as a BETA version on June 2, 2021 to sell content revenue and rights of sectional ownership (NFT).

The market for non-fungible token (NFT), digital proof token called non-substitutable tokens that utilize blockchain, is expanding so rapidly that 2021 is said to be the first year of NFT.

In particular, art, music, and illustrations are attracting attention. But we believe that there is a higher demand for existing revenue rights and ownership rights, which have been difficult to sell on their own, than for art and game content, and we are focusing on these.

Buynet allows anyone to sell their rights and ownership freely, and aims to support and synergize the business of small and medium-sized companies in various forms of financing and other activities.

In addition to allowing users to easily issue their own rights as NFTs, the NFT marketplace “Buynet”, which allows users to sell their rights, aims to be used by users around the world.

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